Borbely: They’re right in the EU when we ask why unless you spend European money loan

Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely, said on Friday that « they’re right on the European Union » when he asks Romanian representatives requiring external loans provided that failed to spend EU funds for various programs.

Environment Minister said on Friday in St. George, that is dissatisfied with the pace of EU funds absorption, although in this regard the ministry he leads is in second place after development. « It’s the biggest challenge for Romania (EU funds absorption-no).’m Not satisfied and can not be content with absorption, even if we are in second place after the Ministry of Development regarding absorption. Unable and be number one across Europe on the signing of major contracts – have signed 24 contracts worth 2.6 billion euros – and have only 40 million large and wide absorbed from the European Union, « said Borbely, quoted by AFP correspondent. In his opinion, we need better management. He mentioned that virtually ended his ministry work they sign the contract, then the responsibility of the local authorities, which should speed up the auctions.

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