FSLI: New Law of pay cuts and teacher salaries

Federation of Trade Unions of Education (FSLI) states that the new single wage law in the budget cut again, revenue teachers and teachers in low-income rural areas will receive up to 60 percent, creating confusion when applying them.

« Under the new law the salary budget system, which will apply from 2011, increase the area was reduced from 5-80 percent of salary (as foreseen in the Law on the Status of staff), to 5-20 percent of salary. If the percentage difference in 2010 was covered by compensation amounts in 2011 this provision was removed. Consequently, teachers receiving area increase of over 20 per cent of salary, are no longer grant payments. recall Government that this increase is granted to attract qualified personnel in rural areas, « explains FSLI. The draft law on the application of the law in 2011 unified framework for staff salaries paid by public funds, appear in the same article that contradict provisions, highlights source. « According to Art. 2, a), in 2011, the basic salary is calculated by multiplying the coefficient 1 (£ 640) with weighting value hierarchy specified for each function in the public system. At the same article, the letters c) and d ) base salary in 2011 is equal to that applied to 31 December 2010 and the decrease by 25 percent « indicates federation.

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