Judge Dan Lupaşcu – candidate for the future of the CA SCM Bucharest

Judge Dan Lupascu current member of the Superior Council of Magistracy, was elected on Friday, the Court of Appeal candidate for election to the CSM, getting 84 of his votes.

Dan Lupaşcu own good 84 votes, while his opponent, Doina Anghel, Vice-President of the Court of Appeal, received 37 and eight votes were canceled, said on Friday, AFP, judiciary sources. On the other hand, the General Assembly of Judges of the Court of Appeal Cluj, sitting Friday appointed candidate for election to the Superior Council of Magistracy in the person of Mrs. Judge Dana Gîrbovan – Union President Judges of Romania, suspended from office – who got most votes judges present, it said in a statement, issued MEDIAFAX. Of the total of 49 judges attended a number of 42, and the valid votes cast were in favor of the unique number of 33 candidates for election to the CSM.

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