The nurse who slapped an infant pacifier mouth respected code of conduct

Members of the Children’s Hospital Ethics « Luis Turcanu » Timisoara looked on Friday for assistance has stuck with tape on mouth pacifier boy two months and decided that the employee « did not violate the rules of conduct » and  » , respected health code of ethics. « 

Hospital spokesman Kids’ Luis Turcanu « of Timisoara, Michael Gafencu, said Friday in a press conference that members of the institution’s ethics were reacted and gathered Friday to analysis for nurse who stuck with tape on mouth pacifier to a baby boy two months. « Ethics Council Emergency Hospital for Children » Luis Ţurcanu »Timisoara looked today (Friday – No) situation and using documents from the media last three days and available information (…) but in the absence of maternal applicant, who has not appeared despite the invitation, concluded that there were infringed behavior, can not be criticized misconduct professional misconduct, were not violated patients’ rights and health ethics code was respected, « said Gafencu. He said that the Council concludes ethical and Disciplinary Commission of the institution shall be analyzed by hospital management which will meet in session next week Tuesday.

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